We know that for people unfamiliar with the staffing industry, it can be a confusing process at first. We aim to make it as simple as possible so we can get you back to work.

Browse below to find out more to help answer your questions, or contact us with any additional questions you may have.

How does the staffing process work?

We are filling vacancies for our clients all the time. To be considered for one of these vacancies, give us a call or visit your nearest branch office. We will have an initial conversation with you to determine your background, skills, and interests. With that understanding, we’ll let you know when we find a position that would work for you. If any further interview or background screening is necessary, we’re here to assist you in that process. If all goes well, we’ll help with any onboarding processes and even transport you to the job if needed.

Does it cost anything to use TRIAD to find a job?

Our services are completely free to you.

What are the requirements for working with TRIAD?

While some of our clients may have specific requirements for certain vacant positions, there are no definitive qualifications other than being able to legally work in the US.

As a contractor for a TRIAD client, whose employee am I?

As a TRIAD contract associate, you are essentially an employee of ours, which holds us responsible for payroll, taxes, insurance, etc. However, you will report to our client company. If you experience any problems, such as missing a day of work, you should contact both your boss and your TRIAD recruiter so there remains clear communication on all sides.

How do I get started?

Browse our Job Board or view our list of office locations to find the one closest to you. Visit today or give us a call to get started!